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Conceptual Design
– My conceptual design process begins on your property. I will ask you questions about your property and how you plan to use it, listening carefully to your responses. I shall then document your property’s characteristics and strengths. My designs respond to each site’s unique microclimate and setting, the surrounding buildings’ architectural style, and of course the client’s inspirations. In my studio is where the creative process takes place, developing conceptual plans and researching style images to convey the design to you. When we meet again, we will review the conceptual design alternatives, a preliminary budget, and choose a design direction for the next phase of my work.

Design Development & Documentation – During this design phase, material choices for paving, fences, pergolas, benches, as well as plant selections are made and you will be asked to share your thoughts on the major items. Construction details and design specifications of your landscape project are developed — careful attention must be made in these documents as these drawings and specifications direct the contractor how to price and build your landscape project. Then I will visit plant nurseries to personally select the larger, woody plant materials that are your landscape’s most important sculptural pieces. Lastly, I will solicit, compile and review bids from qualified landscape contractors and assist you in selecting the right choice for implementing your project.

Design Implementation – As your landscape project is installed, I will be carefully overseeing the progress of and collaborating with your landscape contractor to ensure that the design intent, budget, material quality, schedule and our shared expectations are met. Scheduled site visits for construction review, progress updates and plant material layouts also allow me the opportunity to provide on-site design solutions for any potential problems as well as take advantage of unexpected opportunities.


The client’s role can be an involved as they want and our experience has seen both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. A couple of suggestions that we have before our initial consultation (or upon starting the design process) is to jot down things you like and dislike about your homes or property - think about the views you have out of your home’s windows as well; the road, the neighbors, etc., and if you have any magazine cut-outs or personal photos of landscape or styles that you like, those are helpful as well. Background information about your property would also be helpful too; topographic survey, plat of survey, etc. But don’t be concerned if you do not have time to do all the above, Bergfeld Studio’s job is to ask you questions and listen to your answers, make critical observations about your property, and walk you through the design process. This is all in order to develop the best landscape solution that fits your home and property.


Initial Consultation:

Typically, there is no charge for an initial consultation with Bergfeld Studio. We believe that we are trying to build a personal relationship with you. And that relationship starts during the first phone conversation. During the initial consultation, Bergfeld Studio will meet you at your project site and listen to your needs and help you by professionally evaluating your design problem.

Please feel free to contact us with your landscape design needs. We would be happy to learn more about your project.

Phase One - Conceptual Design/Landscape Master Plan:
Bergfeld Studio works on an hourly, not to exceed basis for conceptual design services (or sometimes called schematic design). In our proposal, we spell out for you what our design tasks are, the type of design product you will receive and how much time we anticipate this task taking us. Bergfeld Studio works on an hourly-not to exceed basis, in other words, you are billed for only the time spent on your project and we do not exceed the estimated time/cost unless your approval is received.

Phase TwoDesign Development, Construction Documentation, and Bid Period

Phase ThreeConstruction Implementation and Observation
In consultation with Bergfeld Studio, the Client determines a construction budget at the end of Phase One. A flat, fixed fee is then used to continue providing professional services through Phases Two and Three. This design fee is based on a percentage of the construction budget as well as the complexity of the project itself.

Phase II - Design Development, Construction Documents and Bid Period: 8-15%
Phase III - Construction Observation and Design Implementation: 4-8%